BBC Stargazing LIVE Part 3: Your greatest astrophotography images

Our Stargazing LIVE week continues with a look at some of your best images that have featured in All About Space magazine.


Since we launched All About Space magazine we’ve been inundated with fantastic astrophotography from all over the world. Below are some of our favourite images that we’ve featured in the magazine, but if you’ve been inspired by BBC Stargazing LIVE to take your own astrophotography then send your submissions to [email protected] and you could find yourself in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

ISS transiting the Sun

This fantastic image of the ISS transiting the Sun was taken by Nicolas Kizilian from Auffargis, France.


Trifid Nebula

Ian Stephenson from Perth, Australia supplied us with this incredible image of M20, the Trifid Nebula.


Mount Rainier

Matt Sahli from Seattle, USA sent us this stunning vista of Mount Rainier with the Milky Way as a backdrop.



Tanja Sund from Johannesburg, South Africa was the brains behind this gorgeous shot of the Andromeda galaxy.


Solar prominence

We were blown away by this image of a solar prominence, taken by Paolo Porcellana from Asti, Italy.



This awesome image of Saturn and two of its moons was sent in by Nick Howes from Wiltshire, UK.

Stay tuned tomorrow, when we’ll take a look at some amazing night sky sights you can see yourself.

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