Become a published telescope tester in All About Space magazine

Want to review a telescope for us? Read on to find out how you can get involved.


Send your submissions to [email protected]

Astronomy can be a minefield for amateur astronomers. Apertures, focal lengths, eyepieces… How are you supposed to get your head round it all?

Well, as part of All About Space magazine we’re looking for written submissions to feature in a brand new section where amateur astronomers explain their experiences with a telescope.

We want you, our readers, to tell us how you got on with your purchase. Was it easy to assemble? Have you used a telescope before? Did it perform well during visual astronomy? And what about astrophotography?

If you want your submission to be considered for publication in All About Space magazine, we’ll need the following from you:

400 words about your telescope. How easy was it to assemble? What was it like to use?
– At least five high-resolution images of yourself using the telescope.
One high-resolution headshot of yourself.
– At least two astrophotography images. These can be taken either with proper equipment, or just by holding a camera to the eyepiece.

Our first two testers featured All About Space magazine issue 10, and you can see a sneak preview of their efforts below.

Send your submissions to [email protected] and, each month, we’ll pick the best two to go in the magazine. We look forward to hearing from you!

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