Can filters really make my observing experience better?

We find out if a range of filters can really improve your observing and imaging sessions

The astronomical filter is a must for many astronomers

The astronomical filter is a must for many astronomers. Image Credit: Celestron

Asked by Jonathan Davis

Astronomical filters are an excellent piece of kit for playing up features of the Solar System and deep sky targets. They can also be used to reduce light pollution, making them a must-have for many astronomers. More specialised filters – such as those made for solar observers – are also vital not just for observing our Sun’s surface but promoting safety.

Beginners to astronomy may feel that filters are a piece of kit they can live without. However, if and when you decide to break into astrophotography or you become more skilled in your hobby, the filter will help you to see the universe in a much more breathtaking way – assisting you with creating stunning night sky shots and helping to add colour to faraway nebulae and galaxies as well as adding definition to planetary features.

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