Stargazing LIVE Astronomy Week Part Three: Understand the Celestial Sphere

What is this imaginary sphere that surrounds the Earth?

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As the seasons change, so does the night sky and as you gain a familiarity with the stars and planets you will notice new constellations and astronomical objects belonging to our Solar System, as well as our immediate portion of the Universe, creep into view from winter through to autumn.

Stepping outdoors into a clear night armed with layers of warm clothing and a hot drink, as well as an optional deck chair (to avoid a sore neck in the morning from looking up!), you have all you really need to learn your way around the night sky for your very first evening’s session; you might not realise it, but your eyes alone are a wonderful device when it comes to taking in what nature has to offer. Take a look at the illustration above to get to grips with the celestial sphere so you can perfect your observation techniques.

Tomorrow: How to use a sky chart

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