EXPIRED: Win a Meade ETX-125 Observer worth £795!

An astronomer needs the right tools, and this telescope is the perfect partner


Do you want to marvel at the night sky but need the companionship of a computer to help show you around? Look no further. One of Meade’s masterpieces is waiting to be won. The ETX-125 Observer telescope flaunts a Maksutov-Cassegrain design, allowing for observations at a higher magnification to bring fantastic views of a vast range of objects, such as the planets, double stars, globular clusters and so much more.

The 127-millimetre (five-inch) aperture and 1,900-millimetre (75-inch) focal length provide a focal ratio of f/15, which is perfect for high-power astrophotography. Along with its full-sized steel tripod, an equatorial tilt plate and a database of over 30,000 celestial objects, there would never be a dull moment for an astronomer. This telescope is perfect for an amateur astronomer that wants to move out of the realm of beginner and into the intermediate, dabbling in the art of astrophotography in the process.

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