All About Space issue 24 on sale today

Grab yourself a free preview of the latest issue of All About Space


Issue 24 of All About Space magazine is on sale today! Below’s a juicy taster of what you can look forward to: you can order all 100 space and astronomy packed pages of issue 24 now, from Imagineshop or the full digital edition from Greatdigitalmags (it’s available from all good newsagents too, of course).

Life On Mars
How science is solving the mystery of an ancient water world


10 Intrepid Future Landers
The unusual craft that will explore the surface of other worlds


The Hunt For Wormholes
Meet the experts who search for shortcuts through space-time


All About: The Virgo Supercluster
What’s 110 million light years long and contain thousands of galaxies – including our own?


Backyard Astronomy on a Budget
We bring you all the fun of astronomy without breaking the bank


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