All About Space issue 7 free preview

Find out what amazing articles and fascinating features you’ll be reading in the latest issue of All About Space, on sale Thursday 13th December.


Will we ever live on the Moon? It’s a question that humanity has pondered for many decades but now, on the 40th anniversary of the last manned mission to the lunar surface, Apollo 17, we talk to some experts about whether we could see lunar bases in the foreseeable future in our Moon Colonies cover feature. You can read all about it in issue 7 of All About Space, on sale Thursday 13 December from all good newsagents, the Imagine Shop and Great Digital Mags.

If settling on the Moon isn’t your lunar cup of tea, we’ve got plenty more great space articles this issue to whet your cosmic appetite. NASA’s latest mission to Jupiter, JUNO, is well on its way to the gas giant, and we’ve taken a look at what we can expect from the mission when it arrives there in 2016.

Elsewhere, as per usual we’ve got some awesome future technologies for you to sink your teeth into, including a look at the ESA’s real-life Armageddon mission. The fantastic illustration below by Adrian Mann, though, accompanies our article on orbital rings. Could these halo-esque structures ever become a reality? You’ll find out in the magazine.

Meanwhile in our continued journey out of the Solar System in our ‘All About…’ features we’ve made it to the second biggest planet (and, personally, my favourite). Our monster feature on Saturn takes a look not only at this fascinating world but also its amazing moons and simply remarkable rings. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

And then, with Christmas fast approaching, what better time to become an amateur astronomer than now? We’ve got a huge feature on everything you’ll need to know to get started in astronomy, so if you’re planning on getting a telescope this holiday season then you’ll want to have a read to get up to speed.

Add to all this articles on dark matter, red dwarfs, SpaceX’s Dragon capsule, awesome impact craters, telescope reviews and more, issue 7 is one of our best issues yet.

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