Brain Dump: Down-to-Earth science

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Hey you, reader of and potential reader of the cool, free trial science mag Brain Dump. You’re intelligent, inquisitive and not just interested in space – you like science too, don’t you?

If your answer is ‘Nope. I get all the stimulation I need from trashy daytime TV,’ then please, click the back button until you’ve returned to the gossip forum you were just trolling. RS28192_ipadMini_hands_DSC_2768

Otherwise, let’s talk science. Not 20,000 words of stodgy academia but something fun and accessible, the kind of science that turns esoteric disciplines like stellar nucleosynthesis into ‘SUPERNOVA SCIENCE’ and helioseismology into ‘GIANT SUN-QUAKES’.

That’s the kind of inspirational content you’ll find in Brain Dump, the ground-breaking new, digital-only magazine from Imagine Publishing that’s available to subscribe to on Apple’s Newsstand now, from only £0.69/$0.99.

You don’t just want to know why space is so dark, or whether there’s anything at all in the Boötes Supervoid, but

Why don’t whales get the bends?


Is a flame a solid, a liquid or a gas?

Think you have the answers? We bet that Brain Dump will surprise you! Actually, you might really have the answers (being the brainiacs many of you are) but Brain Dump is so rammed with facts, figures and eye-popping imagery, we’re confident you will be entertained and informed throughout, no matter how old you are or what you know.

In fact we’re so confident you’ll love it, you can try it for free on the Apple Newsstand. And we bet that even those daytime TV terrestrials will enjoy it.

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