Win a copy of Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager

5 copies of Slitherine’s latest portable space management game up for grabs


Format: PC, Mac, iPad
Cost: £21.99/$29.99 (£7.99/$9.99 on iPad)
Get it from: Steam/iTunes

Straddling a happy medium between an accessible management sim and informational game, publisher Slitherine‘s Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager plays up to its endorsement by dazzling the player with video clips and photos from a classic space era.

Under the hood, a relatively simple simulation sees you take charge of a Fifties space agency, managing budget, recruiting, training, upgrading and building new facilities. And, most importantly, launching new missions.

For history and space buffs, the real charm is in veering from the course of history as much or as little as you like: embarking on projects that in real life never made it off the ground or, as the fictional Global Space Agency (GSA), launching both the famous Sputnik and Apollo missions.

Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager‘s turn-based format will make it an ideal play for commuting space fans and casual gamers in tablet format. Pick it up on Steam for PC, or iTunes for the Mac/iPad version.

To win one of 5 copies of Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager, follow @spaceanswers on Twitter and retweet our competition post. Closing date is Tuesday 7 April 2015.

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