Destination Mars: All About Space issue 12 free preview

Find out what fascinating articles you’ll be reading in the latest issue of All About Space magazine, on sale now.


Mars is a big celebrity in the Solar System, having been the subject of more films and books than any other planet. But we still haven’t sent humans there – yet.

In issue 12 of All About Space, on sale now at all good newsagents, the Imagine Shop and Great Digital Mags, we look into how space agencies all over the world, both private and government are embarking on a new space race: to land the first man on Mars. The incredible part is that they all plan to do it within your lifetime! We interview American aerospace engineer Dr. Robert Zubrin and MARS2013 project leader Gernot Grömer on the current projects to conquer the red planet.

We take a look inside asteroids to discover what these massive space rocks are made of, we uncover plans to land boats on Saturn’s moon Titan and we show you how to see the Universe’s biggest explosions – supernovas – with your telescope.

We’re also taking a trip into our galactic back yard as we Journey through the Milky Way and discover this fascinating place our Solar System calls home. Meanwhile, we’ve got a monster feature on the 10 most amazing space rockets that have ever flown, from the Space Shuttle to the Saturn V.

All About Space issue 12 also takes a look at the technology of teleportation, reveals what happens when galaxies collide and interviews an International Space Station astronaut, as well as our regular telescope and kit reviews.

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