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With fun, easy-to-understand explanations and wonderful artwork to amaze the eye, How It Works Illustrated is everything kids love about learning in one monthly manual-sized magazine. Each issue is dedicated to explaining all you need to know about one fascinating topic, from ancient Rome to space exploration and beyond.

Especially designed for younger readers, How It Works Illustrated is packed with interesting and engaging stories about the world around us. You’ll find all this accompanied by mind-blowing puzzles, challenges and quizzes to stimulate young minds while they learn.

In issue two, How It Works Illustrated explores Earth and its natural wonders, from glow-in-the-dark creatures to deadly volcanoes. You can discover how the Earth spins around, what causes earthquakes, where the hottest place on Earth is and why there is day and night. It’s an ideal reference for parents and children alike, with hundreds of facts on vital school curriculum topics to nourish enquiring minds.

How It Works Illustrated is available from TescoWHSmithAsda, or Sainsbury’s and from local newsagents across the world. If you can’t wait though, then why not open up iTunes and get a one-month digital subscription for absolutely nothing?

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