Do you want to be an astronomer?

Learn how to stargaze – check out this preview of the All About Space Astronomer Book


Group shot of astronomers stood in field viewing night sky through telescopes.

All About Space‘s all-new stargazing book goes on sale today: Astronomer Book is as uncomplicated as it sounds, providing the perfvect guide for any budding astronomer.


Learn how to set up your telescope and get started with astrophotography, and enjoy the everyday wonders all around you, from mirages to rainbows. You’ll then find in-depth guides to help you observe the wonders of the universe, from the Sun, Moon and stars to the unique features of the planets of the Solar System.


Discover how to view meteor showers and comets in All About Space Astronomer Book, uncover the beauty of an eclipse and much more. On top of all that, you’ll find a huge star atlas, showing you where to look to see the stars and constellations for each month of the year.


Why not pop over to the Imagine Shop and pick up a copy this no-nonsense stargazing guide, an astronomer’s must-have at just £9.99.

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