FREE PREVIEW: All About Space issue 44

We shed new light on the mysterious dark matter in the latest issue of All About Space – out now!


The latest issue of All About Space is now available from the Imagine ShopGreat Digital Mags as well as all good supermarkets and newsagents. Read on for a taster of what’s in store for you in issue 44.

Dark matter

85 per cent of reality is missing. All About Space sheds light on the secret controlling the universe.

How to build a rocket

From concept to launch, the life cycle of a modern rocket is a fascinating journey that involves hundreds of engineers and billions of dollars.

Zombie stars + 10 other terrifying space objects

All About Space reveals the scariest stars, planets and galaxies lurking in the corners of the universe.

The new search for alien life

The next ten years could make or break the hunt for another intelligent civilisation.

Become an astronomer (part 1)

If the starry skies inspire you with wonder and curiosity then you have the ‘right stuff’ to become an astronomer.

All About Space is available every month for just £4.50. Alternatively you can subscribe here for a fraction of the price!

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