FREE PREVIEW: All About Space issue 52

We uncover what could have existed before the birth of the universe in the latest issue



The latest issue of All About Space is now available from the Imagine ShopGreat Digital Mags as well as all good supermarkets and newsagents. Read on for a taster of what’s in store for you in issue 52.

What happened before the Big Bang?

Could there have been a time before the birth of the universe?


All-new Space Shuttles

A new age of space travel is about to begin.


Destination: Alpha Centauri

Discover how Yuri Milner, Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg have joined forces to get us to our nearest star system Alpha Centauri.


Strangest moons in the Solar System

Some of the most fascinating worlds in our cosmic neighbourhood are not planets, but the moons that orbit around them.


Welcome home, Tim Peake!

After six months of adventure among the stars, the British astronaut is finally ready to make his return trip to Earth.


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