FREE PREVIEW: All About Space issue 58

Find out how humanity will be affected and Earth’s action plan if and when we detect an extraterrestrial signal in the latest issue – out now!



The latest issue of All About Space is now available from the Imagine ShopGreat Digital Mags as well as all good supermarkets and newsagents. Read on for a taster of what’s in store for you in issue 58.

What happens when we contact alien life?

Discover how humanity will be affected, who will find out first and Earth’s action plan if and when we detect a signal.


The science of Interstellar

Physicist Kip Thorne, the scientific advisor for Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster, reveals why the film’s plotline may not be as far-fetched as it seems.


The ultimate fate of the universe

Could the end of the cosmos be a cataclysmic event that tears space apart?


All you need to know about space-time

Your cheat sheet to the fabric of the cosmos.


Groundbreaking space images

Astronomical images often dazzle us, but their primary purpose is to help us understand our universe.


SpaceX’s plan to colonise Mars

On the back of his announcement of the Interplanetary Transport System, Elon Musk answers your queries on how his private space company intends to land humans on the Red Planet.


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