FREE PREVIEW: All About Space issue 60

We head to Mars to celebrate the Opportunity rover’s greatest discoveries of all time in the latest issue – out now!



The latest issue of All About Space is now available from the Imagine ShopGreat Digital Mags as well as all good supermarkets and newsagents. Read on for a taster of what’s in store for you in issue 60.

 Opportunity celebrates 13 years on Mars!

Designed to last just 90 days, the Opportunity has completed over a decade on Mars. We take a look at how the record-breaking rover has changed the way we see the Red Planet.


Secrets of gravity

We seem to understand how it behaves, but scientists are now finding out how mysterious this ‘force’ really is.



They’re the tremors that shake the very magnetic field of our planet. And they’re getting worse.


An interview with Apollo 9’s Rusty Schweickart

The retired NASA astronaut tells All About Space how a jammed camera during a spacewalk changed his life forever.


Hunt for interstellar planets

Space is suspected to be filled with worlds wandering alone without their star, but could such loners ever shelter life?


Get into stargazing tonight

In the midst of winter, now is the perfect time to head outside and get started in astronomy – whether you’ve got a telescope or not.


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