FREE PREVIEW: All About Space issue 62

Find out what’s beyond the edge of the universe in the latest issue of All About Space, available from all good supermarkets and newsagents


The latest issue of All About Space is now available from the Imagine ShopGreat Digital Mags as well as all good supermarkets and newsagents. Read on for a taster of what’s in store for you in issue 62.

What’s beyond the edge of the universe?

Whether our cosmos comes to an end is a question astronomers are tackling with some surprising results.

Mercury is shrinking

The smallest planet in our Solar System is getting even smaller. Find out what it means for Mercury’s future.

What’s causing the strangest star in the universe?

Space dust? Alien structures? Planetary collisions? The behaviour of Tabby’s Star continues to inspire new ideas.

How to beat light pollution tonight

Thought it was impossible to observe the wonders of the night sky from towns and cities? Think again! Follow our tips and tricks on successfully observing through sky glow.

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