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Fight poaching today: Join World of Animals magazine on the Save Rhinos Now campaign trail


WOA_07_cover_elevatedWorld of Animals magazine has teamed up with Ol Pejeta, east Africa’s largest black rhino sanctuary, to raise awareness and help prevent the horrific poaching of this endangered species.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy is dedicated to securing habitats for the purpose to protect wildlife. The not-for-profit organisation takes care of over 100 rhinos, hosts breeding programs and has the capacity for many more rhinos that are in need.

Starting with issue 7 of World of Animals, ten per cent of the magazine’s profits will be donated to Ol Pejeta to help one of Africa’s most iconic animals survive.

To follow this vital campaign, head over to to get the latest news and information direct from the Conservancy. You can also donate directly to the Save Rhinos Now cause.

On sale now, issue 7 of World of Animals uncovers the mysteries of the red panda, takes you to the Amazon to meet 25 of its unique species and follows the life of the world’s largest land mammals, the African elephant.

World of Animals magazine can be found alongside digital editions for iOS and Android, available from www. Be sure to follow the Save Rhinos Now campaign on Twitter #SaveRhinosNow and Facebook.

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