Bring history to life with the How It Works Book of Incredible History

From dinosaurs to the Taj Mahal, discover how our world has evolved and the inventions and events that shaped our existence with this brand-new book.


Perfect for those with a curious mind, the How It Works Book of Incredible History aims to bring history to life. Packed with fun and fascinating facts, this is the ideal tool to get kids interested in the world we live in, and how everything around us came to be. Covering ancient history, the prehistoric era, weapons & war, incredible inventions and landmarks that continue to amaze us today, this educational guide will show you the astounding feats of mankind, and how our world was shaped by those before us. Whether you want to know what life was like for Roman gladiators, how the T-rex hunted, who built the Eiffel Tower or what went on in the Battle of Hastings, all the answers are here, displayed with amazing cutaways and awesome illustrations.

Helen Laidlaw, Editor of our sister magazine How It Works, said; “The Book of Incredible History is packed with amazing inventions that shaped our world, as well as buildings and machines constructed without computer-aided design tomfoolery. The ingenuity of our ancient – and not-so-ancient – ancestors never ceases to astound us on How It Works and this book celebrates the wonder of humankind’s past beautifully. And don’t forget, it’s got dinosaurs too.”

The How It Works Book of Incredible History is on sale now priced £9.99 from and all good newsagents.

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