Incredible footage of Russian meteor explosion

Hundreds of people have been injured by a meteor crashing in central Russia.


In the early hours of this morning a fireball streaked across the sky in the Urals of central Russia. The resultant shockwave blew out windows, damaged buildings and caused panic on the streets.

200 kilometres (125 miles) away, the city of Chelyabinsk felt much of the impact as well.

Speaking to AP news agency, Chelyabinsk resident Sergey Hametov said: “We saw a big burst of light then went outside to see whatit was and we heard a really loud thundering sound.”

You can hear the resultant sonic boom from the shockwave here (warning, it’s quite loud):

The meteor is not related to Asteroid 2012 DA14, which will make its closest approach to Earth at a distance of 27,700 kilometres (17,200 miles) at 7:25pm GMT this evening.

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