JWST Deep Space Discovery: All About Space issue 16 free preview

Discover what’s inside All About Space issue 16 now!


In issue 16 of All About Space (on sale now from all good newsagents and supermarkets, the Imagine Shop and Great Digital Mags) Deep Space Discovery looks at the technology and mission goals of the James Webb Space telescope, one of the most exciting and ambitious projects of the decade.


As the successor to Hubble, the JWST will be able to probe deeper into the furthest reaches of the space than ever. Working primarily in the infrared part of the spectrum, its range will be far greater than that of Hubble, showing us images of a universe still forming in the wake of the Big Bang.

We’re also exploring the deadly potential of the Solar System in Killer Comets and those balls of rock and ice that hurtle in great loops around the Sun.


In Mission To Jupiter, we investigate the projects and technologies being designed for a manned mission to the Jovian moons:


And we’re swinging our telescope around to put the Orion Nebula in focus, in our regular All About… feature.


All About Space issue 16 sees 3D printing Lunar bases come under the spotlight in Space Factories, we Focus On the Diamond-Crushing Cluster that is 47 Tucanae, we open up Yuri Gargarin’s famous space capsule in Inside Vostok 1, we give a lesson in culinary techniques aboard a space station in Space Kitchen ISS, plus our regular Stargazer section shows you how to get the best out of the meteor showers on show in the coming months.


Finally, do you fancy getting your hands on a top quality beginner’s telescope? Check out our excellent All About Space issue 16 competition and be in with a chance of winning a Visionary Saxon 6 telescope worth £430!

All About Space is available from all good newsagents and the Imagine Shop, and digitally from Great Digital Mags. We like to talk space and hear what you think, so don’t forget to get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or via email.


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