NASA’s Cassini snaps new close-up images of Saturn moon

Check out these brand new shots of Saturn’s moon, Dione


On 16 June, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft buzzed Saturn moon Dione, coming within 516 kilometres (321 miles) to take brand new images of its rugged and fractured landscape. This is Cassini’s fourth targeted flyby of Dione. Dione is the 15th largest moon in the entire Solar System.

The view above was acquired at a distance of approximately 77,000 kilometres (48,000 miles) from the Saturn moon and was taken in visible light with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera. The bright rings of Dione’s parent planet can be seen in the background.

Also making an appearance in the shot above is Dione’s fellow moon Enceladus, which can be seen in the upper right and just above the bright line of Saturn’s rings. The pair were imaged in visible light using Cassini’s wide-angle camera.

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