Sir Trevor McDonald interviews first astronauts to land on MARS

The newsreader spoke with the Daedalus crew, days before they became the first men and women to head for the Red Planet



Sir Trevor McDonald recorded a world-exclusive interview with the Daedalus crew, days before they became the first astronauts to head for Mars. One of the most exciting and important exploration events of all time, this ground-breaking mission is the result of years of expert research, billions of dollars of investment and will shape the future of mankind. The brave and intrepid crew making the mission to Mars are true heroes – this is a one-way ticket, as they attempt to establish the first human settlement on the Red Planet.

What will be their biggest challenge? What will they miss most about Earth? What are they most excited about? Sir Trevor McDonald gets deep inside the minds of these courageous pioneers, with this poignant and probing interview, getting answers to the questions we all want to askCheck out a preview below or you can watch the entire interview right here.

Sir Trevor McDonald comments: ‘I am truly honoured and privileged to have the world-exclusive interview with the Daedalus crew – this trailblazing space odyssey is one of the most important of our time, mankind’s entire future is at stake and we will be talking about this epic journey for years to come.”

The landing and subsequent colonisation of Mars is being documented in depth by National Geographic as part of the TV docu-drama MARS.

Upon successful landing, the crew immediately begins to secure a limited base camp and are tasked with the identification of a subterranean space with access to ice and appropriate geological requirements that are needed to support a long-term habitation site.

Once the first human settlement is established, the crew must sustain itself until future landings in 2035 and 2037 expand the settlement with deliveries of both cargo and additional human occupants. The carefully selected international crew of six are uniquely suited to take on this monumental step for humans, and are supported by the best team on the ground.


 National Geographic’s MARS, which began on 13 November at 9pm, describes the exhilaration of a crewed mission to the Red Planet

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