The $700 quintillion Asteroid Belt

The new Brain Dump bookazine holds a fortune in facts


Did you know…?

A single, 500-metre diameter asteroid contains more platinum than has ever been mined in the history of the Earth? There are over 2 million of these space rocks orbiting in the Asteroid Belt too, with an estimated billion dollars’ worth of platinum in each one. Including the gold, iron, nickel, water and other valuable elements that can be found there, NASA has estimated the mineral wealth of the entire Asteroid Belt could be as much as $700 quintillion, or a seven followed by 20 zero. That’s $100 billion for every one of the 7 billion people on Earth!

We like that fact. It’s the kind of mind-blowing trivia that can be found in Brain Dump, the ground-breaking new, digital-only magazine from Imagine Publishing that’s available to subscribe to on Apple’s Newsstand today, from only £0.69/$0.99.


Built on a new digital platform designed by world-leading agency 3 Sided Cube, Brain Dump delivers a flurry of fascinating facts in every top-quality edition, reducing tough-to-grasp concepts about science, nature and more into bite-sized, easy-to-learn articles for the Twitter generation.

Brain Dump is a milestone product for more than one reason”, said Aaron Asadi, Head of Publishing. “This is a brand new digital publishing initiative that will make everyone sit up and take notice – from its cutting-edge subscription model to the bespoke design and shape of the content. But it’s also a dynamic, exciting product in its own right that represents the very best of Imagine Publishing: our commitment to the Content Is King strategy; our love of style and quality, accessible editorial; and our immense dedication to leading the Knowledge/Science sector.”

Here’s another cool fact: the largest known star is the red hypergiant VY Canis Majoris, a massive 1,900 times the size of the Sun. If placed where the Sun is, its surface would extend to beyond the orbit of Jupiter. This is what that looks like next to the Sun, in case you were wondering.

VY Canis Majoris

Brain Dump magazine’s creators know that a picture tells a thousand words, which is why it’s as cleverly illustrated as it is entertaining and informative.

Dave Harfield, Editor In Chief, added: “It’s a proud moment for us. Since How It Works’ rise to dominance on print and digital newsstands, we have worked tirelessly to build on its legacy.

Brain Dump is very much a result of that passion, aiming to be as entertaining as it is educational, with breathtaking photography and incredible illustrations. The editorial, design and bold price point makes it truly accessible to all and sets a new standard for Knowledge/Science magazines on smartphones and tablets.”

The new digital publication is the latest addition to Imagine Publishing’s expanding portfolio and will come with a free sample issue pre-installed on the app.

Why not complement a wealth of All About Space knowledge with this inexpensive, accessible and enormously entertaining new science title? Download the Brain Dump app now from the Apple Newsstand and subscribe from only £0.69/$0.99 per month.

(Incidentally, in the time it’s taken you to read this article, around 7,000 supernovas would have occurred in the observable universe – and probably not a single one of them in our galaxy.)


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