The evolution of spacesuits: Free preview of All About Space issue 11

Take a look inside the latest issue of All About Space, on sale Thursday 4 April.


“Magnificent desolation.”

Those were the words spoken by Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the Moon in July 1969, describing the fantastically barren scene before him. In issue 11 of All About Space (on sale Thursday 4 April from all good newsagents, the Imagine Shop and Great Digital Mags), he told us what he meant by that and much, much more in our exclusive interview with the man, the legend, himself.

Of course, this issue of All About Space is anything but desolate; as per usual we’ve packed it full of fantastic cosmic content. From spacesuits to the universe’s most powerful forces to dwarf planets to space mysteries to future technologies to telescope reviews, we’ve made sure this issue lives up to the high standards you guys have come to expect from All About Space magazine.

So, without further ado, you can take a sneaky look at a few of the awesome features you’ll be reading in issue 11 below.

The history of spacesuits

If you weren’t aware how important the spacesuit has been in the history of space exploration, you will be after reading this feature. Our 8-page timeline takes you through the evolution of spacesuits, from the SK-1 to the Z-1.

Buzz Aldrin: To the Moon and beyond

In our exclusive interview with the man, the astronaut, the legend himself, Buzz talked to us about his time at NASA, and his views on modern space exploration. You definitely don’t want to miss this.

The most powerful forces in the universe

From hypernovas to gamma-ray bursts, the true power of the universe is revealed in this explosive feature.

All About… Dwarf planets

Explore the many small and mysterious planetoids that lurk around the Solar System.

Ten mysteries from outer space

Discover how humanity’s finest minds are solving the enigmas of the cosmos.

NEW – Want to star in All About Space?

We’re looking for readers to contribute their own telescope reviews to feature in upcoming issues of All About Space magazine. Find out more here…

Enjoy the issue!

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