The hunt for exoplanets: Take a look inside All About Space issue 14, on sale now

Check out the highlights from the latest issue of All About Space.


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Can you believe it’s been almost exactly a year since we launched the first issue of All About Space? The time has flown by for us, but we’re grateful to our many readers for their continued support as we bring you the latest and most exciting space articles every month. Thanks to all of you who have been here since the first issue, and for those who joined a bit later we also thank you for your support and hope you’ve enjoyed the magazine so far. Read on to see what you’ll be enjoying in issue 14.


In our latest issue, on sale now at the Imagine Shop, Great Digital Mags and at all good newsagents, our cover feature is focusing on some of the groundbreaking telescopes that are (and will be) searching for planets outside our Solar System. Sure, you’ve heard of Kepler before, but have you heard of SuperWASP and WFIRST as well? And sure, we all know the James Webb Space Telescope will be launching in a few years, but what will it actually be capable of doing? You’ll find out everything, and more, in The Hunt for Exoplanets.

Next we’ve taken a look at 20 Secrets of the Universe, those that are both solved and unsolved. Why do stars really explode? What’s really inside a black hole? Find out what we know and don’t know in this feature.


Meanwhile, July 2013 marks the two-year anniversary of the Space Shuttle’s retirement. So we decided to talk to The Last Space Shuttle Commander, Christopher Ferguson, and find out what his feelings were on commanding that final flight. He’s also working for Boeing now as well on the next-generation of spacecraft, so we asked him what we can expect in the next few years.


Another of our major features this issue is Asteroid Mining. Over the past year there has been a lot of talk from two companies in particular about their plans to harvest resources from these space rocks, but are their plans really feasible? We spoke to the two companies themselves, including Chris Lewicki (the President of Planetary Resources) about their proposals, and analysed whether they can truly be successful.


As per usual, though, that’s not all. We’ve got a ton of other content in the magazine from the futuristic SOAR mini-shuttle to an in-depth guide to Proxima Centauri to some helpful astronomy tips. Be sure to check out the issue and let us know your thoughts via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Enjoy the issue!

AAS 14 cover

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