The Wonders of Mars: All About Space issue 17 free preview

Find out what you’ll be reading in the latest issue of All About Space magazine.


AAS 17 sneak peak

The latest issue of All About Space magazine is on sale from today at all good newsagents, the Imagine eShop and Great Digital Mags. Below are some highlights of what you’ll be enjoying in the issue.

10 Wonders of Mars

From super-volcanoes to inexplicably huge impact basins: could the Red Planet hold the secret to life on Earth?

Mars feature 17

Massive Super-Earths

Discover the giant, distant and rocky worlds that could harbour life.

Super Earths feature 17

Gravity: science behind the movie

Science advisor Kevin Grazier talks about the concepts behind the new sci-fi thriller Gravity, and explains why they’re not that far removed from real life.

Gravity feature 17

All About Ganymede

We give you the complete rundown on the largest moon in the Solar System.

Ganymede feature 17

Deadly Space Radiation

How cosmic rays and solar wind could hamper our efforts to explore deep space.

Radiation feature 17

AAS 17 small cover

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