What star is this?

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starnoseThis is the star-nosed mole and that’s its nose you can see in the middle there. Those 22 tentacle-y things that rim its pink nose are its fingers, a way of deciding very quickly in the pitch black underground whether something is edible or not. It can tell the difference between a pebble and a tasty larva by touch alone in under 17 milliseconds.

Believe it or not, the star-nosed mole isn’t the strangest creature out there either: discover the living rock, the fish with human teeth, the turtle with no shell and thousands more animals with far more interesting stories to tell, in All About Space’s latest sister magazine, World Of Animals.

World of Animals is a new monthly magazine from the makers of How It Works and All About Space that takes a unique look at wonderful wildlife from all over the globe.


With breathtaking photography, captivating stories and stunning illustrations, each issue offers the safari of a lifetime that takes the reader on a fact-filled tour of the planet’s favourite wildlife, exploring the habitats, behaviour and societies of all Earth’s creatures, great and small.

On sale 28 November, the first issue includes an in-depth look into the world of gorillas, an exposé of 50 animals dangerously close to extinction and what can be done to save them, plus a bite-by-bite account of how great white sharks hunt down their prey.

This groundbreaking magazine launches alongside digital editions for iOS and Android available from greatdigitalmags.com and is accompanied by a brand-new companion website: animalanswers.co.uk. Be sure to connect on Twitter and Facebook and let them know what you’d love to see in forthcoming issues of World of Animals.

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