Why does Neptune look blue?

Find out why in All About Space Book of the Solar System, on sale now


Take a tour through the incredible wonders of our Solar System in All About Space Book of the Solar System.
aas-solar-2Discover the impact the Sun has on our lives and everything around us, and find out how this ball of hot plasma formed. Read about the eight planets that make up our Solar System, whether you want to learn why Saturn has rings, how life formed on Earth, if we could live on Mars, or why Neptune looks so blue. On top of that, find out about four of the most interesting moons of the Solar System; Ganymede, Europa, Titan and our very own Moon.


The Sun
– Discover the vital role the star at the heart of our Solar System plays

The planets
– In-depth guides to all the planets, from Mercury to Neptune

The moons
– Take a closer look at some of the Solar System’s most interesting moons

Amazing illustrations
– Explore the stunning sights on offer

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