World Of Animals magazine launches!

Issue 1 of the stunning new animals magazine is on sale now – Win a free 12-month subscription!


MAVEN Atlas V LaunchNASA photographer Bill Ingalls captured this stunning shot of the MAVEN mission launching on its Atlas V rocket on 18 November. In the foreground, Great Egrets take off from a wildlife reserve on the outskirts of the space centre.

It’s an apt metaphor for the highly anticipated Mars mission but also, a cunning way for us to segway from space into wildlife so we can tell you about another launch: World Of Animals, our amazing new sister magazine, which goes on sale today. What’s more, readers have a chance to win a free 12-month subscription to World of Animals by clicking here.

World of Animals is a new monthly magazine from the makers of How It Works and All About Space that takes a unique look at wonderful wildlife from all over the globe.

With breathtaking photography, captivating stories and stunning illustrations, each issue offers the safari of a lifetime that takes the reader on a fact-filled tour of the planet’s favourite wildlife, exploring the habitats, behaviour and societies of all Earth’s creatures, great and small. Why not take a sneak peek at issue one?graphic-for-website-616x287

On sale now, the first issue includes an in-depth look into the world of gorillas, an exposé of 50 animals dangerously close to extinction and what can be done to save them, plus a bite-by-bite account of how great white sharks hunt down their prey. You can subscribe today from just £3.

This groundbreaking magazine launches alongside digital editions for iOS and Android available from and is accompanied by a brand-new companion website: Be sure to connect on Twitter @WorldAnimalsMag and Facebook at and let them know what you’d love to see in forthcoming issues of World of Animals.

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