WSW2015: Get 10% off All About Space plus special editions during World Space Week!

Kick-start World Space Week with discounted back issues and special editions


To celebrate the start of World Space Week, which starts today and runs through to 10 October, you can get 10% off All About Space and our special editions at ImagineShop throughout the event – just enter the code SPACEWEEK at the checkout.

World Space Week is an annual event where space enthusiasts across the globe pay tribute to how the international space industry has contributed to our lives. This year, World Space Week highlights the great era of deep space discovery we’re in – in particular during the last decade where space telescopes, deep space probes as well as several interplanetary satellites and landers have revealed the wonders of our universe. Exoplanets, galaxies, as well as landings on planets, moons, asteroids and comets, illustrate how far mankind has come in the quest to explore the cosmos and highlights where we are headed in the future.

All About Space magazine, which launched in 2012, takes you on a spectacular journey through the Solar System to the known limits of the universe using stunning images combined with accessible and authoritative text to educate and inspire readers of all ages. All About Space is a brand dedicated to delivering expert commentary on the latest cutting-edge research, technology and theories in an entertaining and visually stunning way.

All About Space is available every month for just £4.50Alternatively you can subscribe here for a fraction of the price!

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