Will we ever travel faster than light?

Could space travel on a Star Trek scale ever become a reality?


Asked by Navonil Neogi

For us to travel faster than the speed of light, we would need to travel at a velocity that exceeds an impressive billion kilometres per hour and, according to our understanding of the laws of physics, nothing can exceed this limit.

The main thing that is standing in our way is the fact that we have mass and, in order to even shift us and our spaceship even to exactly the speed of light requires an infinite amount of energy – a quantity that is just impossible to acquire. Quite recently, scientists working at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland attempted and failed to get even neutrinos, the lightest known particles in the Universe, to exceed the speed of light – so imagine how much more difficult it would be for us to travel at a velocity of over 186, 282 miles per second!

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