Do asteroids have multiple minerals in them?

Could we mine asteroids for useful resources?


Yes, and space enthusiasts are keenly exploring the prospects for exploiting these in the future. Formed from raw materials left behind during the formation of the Solar System, asteroids have a range of compositions.

Some ‘carbonaceous’ ones are more-or-less unchanged masses of raw materials, while others are broken-up chunks of larger bodies that went through a phase of separating and processing their materials. Metallic or M-type asteroids, which are thought to be fragments from the core of these planetesimals, are perhaps the most valuable asteroids of all, containing billions of tons of useful nickel iron and previous metals. What’s more, unlike most metal deposits on Earth, this material can be mined in an almost pure state without need for complex refining.

So although mining an asteroid in space would be a complex and expensive task, it offers some intriguing possibilities – especially for space-based construction projects where the materials would otherwise have to be launched from Earth.

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