What’s the weather in space?

Summer’s coming, but the rest of the Solar System’s weather forecast is very different.


Summer’s a-coming up here in the Northern Hemisphere but when Mother Nature unleashes her fury, it’s quite easy to think that there’s nothing worse than the dreadful weather that can batter Earth’s landscape.

That is, until you leave the envelope of our atmosphere that serves as a gateway to space. Here, even a windproof umbrella and a faithful waterproof windcheater jacket that served you so well on Earth won’t save you.

That’s because the weather that can be found in space is monstrous, making our planet’s occasional crashes of thunder sound like low grumbles and the great lashes of rain, capable of flooding the lowlands, appear as nothing more than puddles made by light drizzle.

Check out our space weather forecast for the rest of the Solar System, below:


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