Get the latest as NASA goes for gold on Mars

Find out how to stay up to date with the upcoming landing of NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars right here.


The rover will use the revolutionary Sky Crane concept to reach the surface.

At 06:31am UK time (01:31am US East Coast) NASA’s Curiosity rover will perform one of the most ambitious landings ever attempted on another planet. With the communications delay from Mars, we won’t know for about ten minutes whether the landing was successful until a signal is relayed back to ground control on Earth, but you can be sure it’ll be a nerve-shredding few minutes, as the lead scientist on the MSL mission told us when we spoke to him.

Mission team members at JPL’s Mission Support Area (MSA) will monitor the landing of Curiosity on Mars.

Below are a variety of links for you to ensure you stay up to date with all things Mars. Rest assured that we’ll bring you news of the mission as soon as we can on Monday morning.

Watch the landing LIVE on the NASA/JPL Ustream feed:

Get updates at NASA’s MSL site:

Find out when Curiosity will be landing in your time zone:

Follow the San Francisco Exploratorium’s webcast:

Watch landing footage directly on your Xbox 360 console if you have one, with links available on the Xbox Live Dashboard:

And you can stay up to date on Twitter with the following official accounts:



For now, all we can say is good luck Curiosity. Our fingers are astronomically crossed.

Images courtesy of NASA and JPL.

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