Watch every Space Shuttle launch at the same time in this stunning video

Every single launch of NASA’s iconic Space Shuttle is viewable simultaneously here in this awesome compilation.


If you watch one video today, then it should probably be this one, especially as Endeavour is currently making its way to its retirement home, the last Space Shuttle to do so. This incredible compilation shows the takeoff of all 135 Shuttle missions.

Sadly, however, you will notice one that doesn’t make it to orbit. The 25th Shuttle mission (six from the right on the second row down) is that of Challenger in 1986, which sadly exploded a mere 78 seconds into its flight. The other Shuttle mission to perish was Columbia in 2003 (seven from the right on the second row up), which broke apart on re-entry. Both tragedies resulted in the loss of the entire crew.

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