SPONSORED: Bring the cosmos to your house with this fantastic glass art

Thanks to the impressive photography skills of astrophotographer Chris Baker, these glorious displays are available for a limited amount of time


Be sure to hurry, these pieces are limited editions! Image credit: Chris Baker/Cosmology Chris

The cosmos holds a wide range of spectacular sights. Colours across the spectrum are spread across the skies like a stroke of a paintbrush, complimented by the pitch-black filaments of interstellar dust. All of this set on a canvas of sparkling stars creates a majestic sight, and Galaxy on Glass are offering limited edition, high quality wall art of such spectacles on either frameless acrylic, or framed and backlit acrylic.

With sizes ranging from 16” to 48” across, these pieces of artwork are sold worldwide, which means houses across the world can be blessed with the wonders of the night sky thanks to the photography and editing skills of Chris Baker, also known as Cosmology Chris. Taken from the Sierra Mountains in Spain, the clear, unpolluted skies have permitted the astrophotographer to gain pictures with a real ‘wow’ factor.

Such works include the Flame Nebula, Tulip Nebula, Triangulum Galaxy and a famous piece called ‘The Pelican’, an award-winning image, currently on display at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, London. A top UK Fine Art printing company then directly prints these images onto acrylic, and with prices starting at £369 ($472), these kinds of art will bring the cosmos to your living room.

For more information on prices, delivery and selection of artwork please visit the Galaxy on Glass website.

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