SPONSORED: See more of the night sky with the Atik Infinity

Want a camera that breaks the barrier between visual observing and astrophotography? Step this way…


The Atik Infinity camera breaks the barrier between visual observing and astrophotography. It combines the experience of observing at the eyepiece with a level of depth and detail that would traditionally be the result of several hours of processing.

You’ll see the faint connecting filaments in the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) in Canes Venatici, bok globules in the Pelican Nebula in Cygnus, dive into the deep sky targets of Andromeda – and you can do it all in colour.

This takes a camera that’s sensitive enough to capture faint details on distant objects, and fast enough to do it in real time. It then takes our powerful, intuitive software to bring stunning views of the night sky to a screen in just seconds.

By using a camera, you can also explore the night sky with friends and family, discussing details and objects as you see them, without having to queue for the eyepiece or learn special skills in averted vision.

The best bit is it’s our most versatile camera, suitable for a huge range of setups, including alt-azimuth-mounted telescopes as well as equatorial mounts.

Visit the Atik Cameras website for more information.

Atik Cameras’ mission is to open the exciting world of astrophotography to everyone and its cameras are sold across Europe, USA and Canada, as well as Australia, Japan and Malaysia.

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