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With Christmas not too far away, here’s the perfect gift for the space fan in your life



Meteorite Jewellery. Yes, you heard that right. We’re here to discuss actual, genuine, real meteorite jewellery with real meteorites. Did we mention the meteorites?

To those of us who have spent time in any decent Space and/or Science Museum it should come as no surprise to know that there are some amazing meteorites out there, some made of stone, others iron/nickel, hell, even gemstone!

Gemstone? “You must be joking?”, I hear you say, “who ever heard of a space gemstone?”. Well, with a planet out there made entirely of diamond (yes ladies, diamond, a planet made of diamond!), called 55 Cancri. The diamond planet is one of five planets orbiting a sun-like star, and being a mere 40 light years from Earth it is even visible to the naked eye!

But alas, we can’t give you a planet made entirely of diamond (yet), but let’s look at what we can give you, shall we?

Let’s start with the one we know and love, the Moon. Did you know that it is not only possible, but very affordable to own a necklace containing genuine moon dust? Let’s just take a moment so that can sink in… And we’re back! Yes, you can own a piece of meteorite jewellery containing real moon dust. It brings a whole new meaning to the term “I love you to the moon and back”.

Here is a little peek at what the Moon Dust Necklace looks like!


But how? Well, the clue is at the start of this blog post: “meteorite” jewellery. The dust contained within the wonderful vial isn’t dust brought back during the Apollo Moon Landings in the 60s, no, owning (or even portraying to own) an Apollo Moon Rock would earn you a visit from the FBI and years in prison. The dust within these vials comes from meteorites which have fallen to Earth as a meteorite.

Occasionally a meteorite will impact the Moon’s surface (hence all the craters) and due to the low lunar gravity and no atmosphere, debris shoots up into space where it can get caught in the Earths gravitational pull, and after thousands, if not millions of years, is pulled down to Earth (thus the moon rock now becomes a meteorite – oh how we humans love our terminology!).

So now that you know you can own a genuine piece of the Moon and keep it on your person always, where can you get them? Fortunately, they’re readily available from The Space Collective, and here is a link to the page itself: Moon Dust Necklace.

PS: If you want to know what a Moon Meteorite looks like, then look no further than the strange looking rock which the vial is resting on in the above image! And if you want to learn more about Moon Meteorites, then just click HERE!

Okay, so that’s the Moon…

What’s next?

How about an Apollo Astronaut Necklace containing genuine Moldavite? Yep, for the NASA and Apollo lovers out there, this one is for you.


This particular piece of meteorite jewellery is wonderfully crated from solid sterling silver to look just like the Apollo Astronauts who landed on the Moon in the 60s, even down to the gold enamel visor!

But what is Moldavite? Is it a meteorite? Well, yes and no. Confused? Let’s dig into the issue a little bit to clear things up.


It is believed that Moldavite is formed when an enormous meteorite of several cubic kilometers plummets towards the Earth, the uppermost layers of the Earth’s surface are melted by the highly compressed hot air cushion in front of the advancing meteorite moments prior to impact. At the moment of impact, there is a tremendous explosion comparable with multiple nuclear bombs, the atmosphere is torn apart, and Moldavite tektites are formed in the vacuum bubble.

Cool, huh? You can find this particular piece by clicking this link: Astronaut Moldavite Pendant.

Right, what’s next on the list?

How about a piece of meteorite jewellery which originated from an Asteroid Belt? Yeah, we kid you not. An actual asteroid belt, in the form of a Stone Meteorite Necklace.

This particular piece of meteorite jewellery contains a stone meteorite, which happens to be the most common type of meteorite, though you wouldn’t want to be too close to one if it impacted our big blue marble.


Occasionally the asteroids circling our wonderful, delicate Solar System can be thrown out of their orbits by other objects, be they passing comets, planets, or otherwise. We’re actually quite fortunate as a species in that we have a defender against such things: Jupiter.

That’s right, Jupiter tends to suck in a lot of asteroids due to its intense gravity, and acts as somewhat of a big brother, defending us from harm. Though occasionally one does slip through the net and will eventually make its way to Earth. Most of them will be too small to be of any real danger to, well, anything. And fortunately for us the meteorite contained within this necklace wasn’t a planet killer, and so instead of wiping out all life on Earth, it comes to you in a lovely little gift box.

If an asteroid belt necklace is your cup of tea then just click the following link, because they’re readily available for you to buy: Stone Meteorite Necklace.

And last, but certainly not least…

A Star Meteorite Necklace containing a genuine Iron/Nickel meteorite.

What’s so special about this particular piece of meteorite jewellery then? Well for starters the meteorite contained within this solid sterling silver star pendant impacted Earth over 5000 years ago in Argentina, and is called Campo del Cielo.


Campo del Cielo, which translates to ‘Field of the Sky’, was first found in 1576 when the Governor of a province in Argentina commissioned a military expedition to find deposits of iron to be used for weapons. When samples were brought back they found that the iron had unusual purity – little did they know! The Governor kept a record of the find in the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, but the find was quickly lost to memory and became a native legend. That was until 1774, when don Bartolome Francisco de Maguna, having followed the legend, rediscovered the iron mass… quite the story, right? Well there is more to it and if you’re interested in a history lesson then just click HERE to read more about it!

Now you can give the gift of a star this year! You can find this wonderful piece of historic meteorite jewellery here: Meteorite Star Necklace, as well as a matching set of meteorite earrings here: Meteorite Star Earrings.

This is all but a few of the pieces of space history you can buy, but if you like this then head on over to The Space Collective where you will find a lot more. Enjoy!

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