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World of Animals: 5 facts about the duck-billed platypus

With the face of a duck, tail of a beaver and body of an otter, the Duck-billed Platypus looks like nature’s tribute to Dr. Frankenstein, but this mammal’s oddities don’t stop there
All About History Enigma

All About History: The Enigma machine

Inside the machine that helped the Allies decipher messages and shorten the war
All About History duel

All About History: The history of duelling

Find out about the techniques and chivalric code of duelling

    World of Animals Fatball how to Step5

    World of Animals: How to make a fatball for birds

    Learn how to make a tasty treat for your feathered friends

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    All About History: What was the Pony Express?

    Despite only existing for 16 months, the Pony Express’s impact on American culture was huge

    World of Animals: How can bees fly if they’re too heavy?

    Find out how these relatively bulky insects are able to defy gravity

    All About History: How did the Great Fire of London start?

    Discover how this famous blaze took hold of the city

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    All About History: The Great Wall of China

    What’s the story behind the longest man-made structure on Earth?
    difference engine

    All About History: The first computer

    Discover the story behind Charles Babbage’s mechanical calculator

    All About History: How were samurai swords made?

    What makes samurai swords so tough?
    She Ping, farm, China, Chongqing, bees, bee suit, bee dress, 34

    How It Works: She Ping’s suit is bee-utiful

    Image: Getty She Ping, a Chinese beekeeper from the Chinese province of Chongqing, has broken the record for the number of bees ever on a person’s body as he wears a bee suit made up of…
    Wild salmon leaping upstream at the  Philiphaugh cauld near at Selkirk in the Scottish Borders

    World of Animals: What is a fish ladder?

    Discover the manmade structures giving salmon a helping hand
    PD Mount_Rushmore

    All About History: Carving Mount Rushmore

    Find out how these stony-faced presidents were immortalised in granite
    dinosaur, footprint, Royal Veterinary College, sauropod, therapod, photogrammetry

    How It Works: Reconstruction of a dinosaur chase

    Scientists from the Royal Vetinary College have been able to recreate the steps taken by two dinosaurs by digitally reconstructing the event using photographs from 73 years ago. The original images…

    World of Animals: Are elephants dangerous?

    The largest land mammal should not be taken lightly
    What colour are lobsters

    World of Animals: Why do lobsters go red when cooked?

    A chemical reaction turns dull colours vibrant red.
    V-2_lift-off 2

    All About History: How the V-2 rocket worked

    The V-2, short for Vergeltungswaffe-2 and also known as the A-4, was the world’s first ballistic missile and was created by the Nazi military during World War II and has inspired many…